Paula Saavedra

Caffé - Paula Saavedra

Caffé invigorates and stimulates – the classy swimwear by Paula Saavedra, too!

The creative mind behind the hip beach couture label “Caffé” bears the sonorous name of Paula Saavedra. The native Colombian discovered early her passion for art, fashion and design. When – in 2004 – Paula Saavedra founded her own beachwear label Caffé, with her exquisite new design she was able to set new standards for exclusive swimwear. The beachwear collections reflect her idea of luxury, lightness and lifestyle. High quality fabrics, playful cuts and sophisticated applications – the beachwear by Paula Saavedra are real eye-catchers. Our team at is proud to present the new swimwear collection by Caffé. And don’t worry! Too much Caffé in this case is very good for the heart and for the figure…

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