New swimwear highlights

New swimwear highlights by Elizabeth Hurley, Mystique, Laura Taylor and Melissa Odabash

New swimwear highlights

Brand-new by swimwear designer Elizabeth Hurley – the stunning bikini with filigree snake print. The bikini in European cut emphasizes your femininity perfectly. The radiant look of the snake pattern gives the bikini by Elizabeth Hurley an elegant and luxurious touch. With the stylish sandals by beachwear label Mystique not only will you look super sexy – you’ll even walk like on air. The black patent leather sandals have a cool vintage look thanks to the golden skull with glittering Swarovski eyes. Laura Taylor is the measure of all things when it comes to luxurious and high quality jewellery. With gray polished quartz beads in transparent look, the features of your face will be highlighted in an almost magical way. The gold-plated drops at the end of the gold chain complete these handmade ornaments. Designer Melissa Odabash is the epitome of sexy, innovative and exclusive swimwear. The super chic and extremely casual straw hat in typical trilby form is a prime example. Stylish nuances, like the visible seam of the wide leather band, give the beige straw hat that certain something. The mouldable raffia straw hat fits comfortably on any head. These stylish swimwear highlights from our beachwear shop are a tribute to good taste, pleasant life and a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

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