Matthew Zink

Charlie by Matthew Zink

Timeless, sexy, glamorous – Charlie by Matthew Zink stand for superlative beachwear

“I want to create provocative swimwear – the timeless icons of the seventies are my inspiration.” Already very early in his unbelievable fashion career, Matthew Zink had renowned teachers. Star designers like Tom Ford or Stefano Pilati took the young talent under their wing. Today, the chief designer of Victoria’s Secret Swimwear counts among the undisputed masters of his craft. The beachwear collection Charlie by Matthew Zink stands like no other for eternal, slightly decadent and almost incredibly sexy swimwear. The New York fashion designer Matthew Zink creates wickedly beautiful bikinis which have that little extra. At Beach Fashion Shop you may get a closer look at the latest beachwear line by Matthew Zink. Maybe you can come up with a few more superlatives…

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