Halter Neck Bikini

Halter Neck Bikini

Glamour to go, run and swim

This bikini keeps what it promises: The halter neck bikini is the ideal choice for women, who during their holidays not only wish to sunbathe, but also love to be active. Because a halter neck bikini not only looks stylish, it also guarantees – as the name promises – the necessary support to engage in various activities. Who, for example, between sea and sun deck also likes long walks, jogging, surfing or diving, with a halter neck bikini makes the right choice. Because even though halter neck bikinis have a reputation for a sportier look, many models are not limited to it. Those who own a halter neck bikini by designers like Alexis, L Space or Melissa Odabash know that these models are true glamour pieces. Therefore … glamour to go, run, swim etc.

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  • Karin Glück